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Rubber Compounding and Rubber Mixing Services


Capitalizing on our ability to manufacture over 1,400 rubber compounds, we serve a variety of end markets including agriculture, automotive, mining, and construction. Four experienced chemical engineers work closely with our customers to understand application requirements and create suitable rubber compounds. Consistency in rubber compounds is ensured at our in-house rubber mixing facility for black as well as non-black stocks. Isolated mixing lines are also maintained to blend and strip high volume colored stocks.

We utilize 5 Banburies of varying sizes to best suit your volume requirements. State-of-the-art support equipment, mills, and "Akron Standard" festoon cooling conveyors, make our Banbury mixers ideal for medium to high volume mixing. The tangential rotors in these internal mixers ensure high level dispersion of various ingredients, including polymers and plasticizers, within rubber compounds. Operations integrated with IBM computer systems allow us to monitor each phase of the mixing process and to create rubber compounds that comply with exact customer specifications. All compounds are cooled prior to packaging and shipping.

Calendered rubber sheets and fabrics suitable for a variety of applications, such as seals, gaskets, as well as brake diaphragms are provided. Our 66-inch four roll calender, the only custom one on the West Coast, features one pass, two-side skim coating capabilities to handle both square woven and cord type fabrics. Smooth and accurate flat surfaces are achieved as the cooling cans in the calender facilitate roller temperature control. Barwell straining of print roll and wire & cable stocks, as well as preforming for compression or transfer molding is accomplished with in-house equipment.

All rubber compounds are tested before shipment to ensure compliance with our highest quality standards. Testing of tensile strength, modulus, specific gravity and resilience, durometer, as well as rheometer graphs form the basis of our quality control. Our statistical process control system ensures product uniformity and workability, resulting in a compound that will process efficiently in your operation.


Barwell Preforms
Black and Non-Black Calendering
Custom Rubber Mixing
High Speed Cooling
Medium to High Volume Capacity Rubber Extrusion


EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene Rubber)
Epichlorohydrin polymers
Natural Rubber
SBR (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber)

Equipment Used

1 # 13 Mixer
1 # 4 Mixer
1 Unique 66 inch four roll calender with cooling cans
2 # 11 Mixers
4 Festoons
Farrell #11 – non-black compound mixer
Gear Pump extruder/strainer
High Speed Support Equipment Capable of Slabs and Strips
Shaw K-7 – master batch mixer
Skinner 268- final mixer
Skinner 270- final mixer with automated strip stock piling
Skinner 3700- with automated controls and carbon black handling
The mixer and mill have variable speed controls.
Three roll calender for sheeting, multiplies, and other custom requirements

Compounding Equipment Capacity

180 million lbs annually
50 million lbs

Color Line

60" dual hydraulic drive mill with overhead blender
Proprietary, controlled low-solids dip
Skinner 80L (tangential -- 2-wing rotor)
The mixer and mill have variable speed controls. The line is equipped with a Midlands cantilever bar cooling line with strip/slab capability.

Black Line

#11 Skinner 238L (tangential -- 2-wing rotor)
84" drop mill (cored rolls)
60" take-off mill (cored rolls)
In-line 15"/12" Farrell extruder/strainer (40-120 mesh) Proprietary, controlled low-solids dip

#12 Stewart-Bolling 268L (tangential -- 2-wing rotor) 84" drop mill (drilled rolls)
60" take-off mill (cored rolls)
Proprietary, controlled low-solids dip

Key Products

Airbrake Diaphragms
Aircraft Hoses
And Many More
Automotive Matting
Bridge Mounts
Fire Hoses
Golf and Tennis Grips
High Voltage Rubber Equipment
Irrigation System Hose
Mining Conveyor Belts
Mountain Climbing Shoes
OEMAgricultural Equipment
Oil Field Service Hoses
Oil Pump Gaskets
Pipe Caps
Rubber Air Ducts
Rubber Caster Wheels
Rubber Flashings
Rubber Gaskets
Safety Surfacing
Seals and Gaskets
Sewer Couplings
Slurry Pump Gaskets
Truck Splash Guards

Industries Served

Engineering, Sanitation & Public Safety
Healthcare and General Purpose Rubber Molding
Oil & Gas

Test Equipment

Rheometer (ML, TS2, TC90, MH)

Testing Process

Specific Gravity
Tensile Strength

Standards Met ASTM Standards
ISO 9001:2000 Certified Facility
UL classified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61-14 compounds for potable water applications/ drinking water system components


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